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Thursday, 30 June 2011

..light behind the scenes..(dame design)

..before &..


if can...

if can 1day i wanna be a great photographer n designer..the 1st person that i want to beat is sir Nizam,hehe jz joking nt beat but just to fight his photoshoot,bcoz his the 1st photographer that i know..n anywhere "thanks sir for teaching us wat is photography n how we gonna shoot one object to make it look nice..^_^..
yeahh..!!..i rely2 wanna be a great designer and oso a great photographer..!!

Macro..(dame shoot)..

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

tHis is whEre i stArt mY dEsiGn clasS..ngee..>.<

         wE alSo hAve dEsiGn a pAckaGing..

                                                      anD..tHis iS minE,chocolate packaging..>.<'
mY drAwinG & pAintiNg clasS,before i start my dEsiGn clasS..^_^

sAve tHe wOrld bEfoRe itS toO lAte..!!

   this is my poster campaign that i've design.. ;)

Salma yeah!!

Salma.!!protege Erra Fazira...yeah,i love Salma especially her voice and the vocal is so excruciating.. :D

                                        Ayamak..(>.<')..stoking kesayangan uda koyak..ngee.. :p

I want a piano..!!!!..>.<

EveryThing wilL b allright..

In time of difficulties don't ever say "Jesus i have a big problem" but instead thy problem i have Jesus and everything will be alright..

Monday, 27 June 2011

My weakness..

Hmmm..inilh kelemahan saya,terutamanya dlm hal percintaan..mempunyai perasaan terhadap seseorg tetapi x berani hendak meluahkan..bkn takut dan bukan jg malu,cuma takut if si Dia x terima lh sy x blh jd sperti llaki lain yg berani hndak meluahkan perasaan mereka dgn perempuan yg mereka cintai..
spt kes baru2 ni..setelah saya mengetahui seorg perempuan yg selama ni sy bnar2 cntai suda mempunyai pasangan,dan di sanalh sy benar2 rasa menyesal..saya ada meluahkan perasaan saya terhadap dia,sy x pduli yg dia dh ada pasangan ataupn blum yg pnting hati rasa puas selepas dia mengetahui segalanya..Rupa2nya perempuan itu mmg ada perasaan yg sama spt sy,tp malangnya dia suda bercouple..dan di sana dia mengatakan.."..JUST BE FRIEND K DAME.." sad but nvm... :')

..In the mOrninG...

..just use the same ring..ngee..