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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"nobodys perfect,everybody needs support"

Sometimes i had ever thinking about my life,how im gonna continue my life by only in this such as non-learning,waste my dream is to become a photographer or a graphic blhkah saya mencapai impian saya itu hanya dengan cara begini..??
i also like a business MLM(multilevelmarketing) like my father..but,thats just my part time job just now..apa2pun,saya tetap akan berusaha..knp org cacat yg xda tgn n kaki dpt cerahkan masa dpan saya tidak..yey!!..i know i can do this!!..selagi saya hidup,selagi itulh saya akan cari apa yang patut saya miliki di dunia ini..

In this life we have to get/need a money,.without money we can't live(no money,no talk..><")..sometimes we need money for our family,.to work to study,and most importantly for our LOVER..sometimes i feel ashamed, because i can't give what she want,.malangnya saya ni masih di gelar student dan belum lagi bekerja.but,i ever thought of trying to get something that she want to make her feel so happy..^^..hmm..if can,i don't want her to let me go..I NEED YOUR SUPPORT.. :) ..,<3

..and another funny thing,.if can..she want me to increase my height..hehe..><..yaa,i know im just 155mm,cm,inch,ml..hahaha..pndai2 fikirlh mna satu ngam.. :p ..but..hmmm..mcmnala tu aa klau saya ttap kkal mcmni, wat will happen next..o.O??..hmm..fkir lain kali lh..ngee..but just 1 thing, i want to get a money n i need money for everything.. :) ..but, anyway..i will never forget the GOD..He give me LIFE, BREATH, He gave me everything..JESUS U ARE EVERYTHING..U ARE BEAUTIFULL SAVIOUR..YOU THE ONLY HOPE..THANKS JESUS FOR EVERYTHING..

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