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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

whEn tHe woRlds tuRns dArk..

When the worlds turn dark and the rain quietly falls,everything is still..even today without a doubt..a can't get out of it, i can't get out from the thoughts of u..I know thats the end thats it's all just foolishness n now i know that it's not true..i am just dissapointed in myself for not being able to get a hold of u because of that pride..on the rainy days u come and fine me torturing me through the night,when the rain starts to stop,u follow slowly, little by little n u will stop as well..i must be drunk, i think i need to stop drinking since the rain is falling, i think i might fall as well..well.this doesn't mean i miss u, no it doesn't mean just mean that the time we had together was a bit sharp when it's the type of day that u really liked..i keep opening the raw memories of u,making the excuse that it's all memories, i take a step forward n i don't even make the effort to escape..i erased all of u, i emptied out all of u..but,when the rain falls again, all the memories of u i hid with all comes back , it must be looking for u..DEAR,now theres is no path for me to return,but looking at ur happy face,i will still try to laugh since i was the one without the strength to stop u..what can i do about something that already ended?? just regreting after like the stupid fool i am..rain always falls so it will repeat again..when it stops, that when i will stop as well..

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